* To reiterate, as fundamental principles, the values stated in the Declaration of
WCHE-1998: education as a public good; quality, relevance, and social inclusion; and international solidarity.

* To request that governments act in favor of higher education as a right, and
not as a marketable service within the framework of the World Trade Organization.

* To support member countries in the implementation of measures to regulate
cross-border education offerings and the acquisition of institutions of higher
education by foreign companies.

* To encourage that member countries implement agendas of science, technology, and innovation for sustainable development that reduce the gap between developed and developing countries.

* To carry out measures to prevent and avoid brain-drain and implement actions that seeks to create conditions of balance between developed and developing countries.

* To support cooperation between national and regional accreditation and assessment systems.

* To foster the creation of funding support for South-South and North-South-
South cooperation, with special attention to African countries and island nations.