The region should strengthen the role of UNESCO-IESALC as the main
organization that coordinates integration policies in the region in the area of higher
education, and as a permanent forum of discussion and debate, promoter of inter-
institutional agreements, research focused on the sustainable use of strategic
resources, and others.  It is UNESCO-IESALC’s responsibility:

*  To disseminate the results of CRES-2008 among governments, institutions of
higher education, and other relevant actors, including the Final Declaration and
Action Plan for the region.

*  To offer visibility and articulate initiatives of countries, networks, associations,
institutions of higher education, international organizations, sub-regional and inter-
regional entities within the framework of the Declaration of CRES-2008 and the
guidelines of the Action Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean.

*  To establish contacts between other players such as: university networks and
associations of the region, global university networks, organizations such as CAN,
of Higher Education, SELA, projects such as TUNING and 6x4, universities and
regional programs such as UWI, UNILA, Universidad del Sur, FLACSO, CLACSO,
CYTED/RICYT, requesting a list of specific activities to be carry forward within the
framework of the Action Plan for cooperative efforts in the region.

*  To jointly develop with interested regional players in higher education, science,
technology, and innovation, the agenda of intermediary meetings between CRES
and WCHE in which activities proposed by these players in regards to the Action
Plan for the region will be discussed.

*  To establish follow-up/monitoring, and implementation mechanisms for the
proposals of CRES-2008 stated in the current Action Plan.
*  To request that the themes of CRES 2008 be included in the Ibero-American
Summit of Chiefs of State at the OEI.

*  To create a higher education observatory under UNESCO to study the
commitments assumed by countries in the WTO and informing about its
development and results.

*  To submit the Declaration of CRES-2008, the Action Plan and the proposals of
the region for higher education in the world during the World Conference on Higher
Education - WCHE 2009.